Top Horror Movies of 2014

If you are looking for good Blu-ray scares for 2015, then it’s time to see the best horror movies of 2014 have to offer. By this time, their Blu-ray counterpart will surely be out and it’s time for a horror movie marathon in the comfort of your own room or living room. Make sure that you watch with friends or if you’re going to watch alone, make sure that you can tolerate every single goose bumps, echoes and thumps that you might hear while watching. Okay, enough introduction. Let’s dive into the darkness!

Open Grave

A man wakes up in a huge pit of corpses. Well, this is scary enough if it were you eh? But what added more to the twist is the fact that he doesn’t remember the previous events that happened and even his whole identity. This movie does a good job of presenting the movie in its first 40 minutes by giving the audience the sense of confusion. One of the creepiest part is that when the characters are about to reveal the answer to clue, they only come down lifeless.


Remember the movie The Conjuring premiered 2013? If you haven’t watched it yet, now is the great time to get in on Blu-ray. You’ll definitely enjoy watching it. But on this part, we’re tackling about a related and somewhat indirect “prequel”, the Anabelle. The movie is about a possessed doll, which will creep the heck out of you. The movie does a good way of creating a creepy atmosphere, ultimately revealing the final horror that the couple must face from the haunted doll, which only became haunted after the incident that happen in their very house.

The Babadook

Who ever thought that a children’s creep story could come true? This is a story about a mother and her son coping after the loss of their father. Amelia is a widow who can barely control her hyperactive son. Her son has a very rich imagination but it only begins to get the better of her. They got a book about a strange creature called the Babadook. After they finished reading it, strange things began to happen. Is it real or imagination? Turns out that this horrific event will almost lead to the destruction of their small family but one thing will always prevail. Find out for yourself.


This is a story about two orphans trying to find the true cause of a horrific family incident. The authorities believe that it was her brother that did the horrific event, but his sister believes that it was the cause of a haunted antique mirror. After so many years, her brother was completely rehabilitated and they decided to unravel the truth. What they found is a horrific truth that will bring another disastrous event to them.