How We Can Help Your Brand with A Celebrity Appearance In Person Or Online

This Movie Star Would Help Your Brand

Would this help your brand? Probably.

People, in general, are attractive to what visually appeals to the eye. If what we see is already familiar to us, we are more likely to get attached to it. At least, this is what studies have proven. This basic concept can also be applied in marketing and brand promotion. For instance, have you tried watching commercials and advertisements from other countries? For sure, your reaction would be different with the reaction of the people from that country. This is particularly true if the face behind the commercial is someone that is very popular in the country.

Why do these types of promotion work? Again, it goes back to what really appeals the eye. If we know somebody, we are more likely to be interested with what the person is offering; regardless whether the product is something that is of low profile, or products from known brands. This is the reason why a lot of companies choose to hire celebrities to promote their brand, either in person, or online. At times, when consumers look at a particular product, they can automatically associate the face behind it. If the celebrity has a good reputation, most likely, your product will also be sale able.

Brand Promotion

How about if you have an online business? Perhaps, you may say that the use of celebrity appearances will only work for printed ads, as well as those that are presented in the television. However, what if your business is being run online? Does it mean that you are no longer able to implement this type of marketing strategy?

Well, reality dictates that if a celebrity is popular, he or she will always be recognizable, regardless of the form of ad being used. Therefore, if you have an online business to promote, you can expect to take advantage of the benefits being made possible if you hire a familiar celebrity. Consider this as your investment for your business. Anyway, you can still expect something positive out of your investment since it will promote your business in a more effective way.

This works the same with online survey sites such as Opinion Outpost and Swagbucks. A lot of people are actually seeing the advantages of these websites. However, not everybody is still aware of how they actually work. A familiar face to promote online survey sites can certainly do the trick and encourage people to try this new money making opportunity online.

Top Action Movies of 2014

Earlier, we wrote a post about the best horror movies to watch at home for 2015, this time, we’ll shift genres and we’ll move to action movies. Getting action movies is a way to pump up after doing a lousy day of work. It’s a great stress relievers and it please almost every one of all ages and gender. I bet you have your own set of favorite action movies that came out some time ago. However, this time, we’ll take a look at some of the action movies that took place last year and see what’s worth watching or re-watching via Blu-ray.

The Purge: Anarchy

If you saw the first one and you loved it, I’m sure that you’ll really love this one too. The story still revolves about the yearly purge, which an event is held to eradicate crimes throughout the year. During one night, all crimes are legal as well as uses of weapons category 4 and lower. This means that you can get revenge to the one you hate, rape the girl you really want or take the latest build of PC from a shop without paying a cent. This is a movie full of the glorifying action, gunfight, fistfight, angry mobs and creepy situations that will surely hook you to the end.

X-Men: Days of Future’s Past

Our favorite marvel heroes are back and with a twist. This story takes place on an apocalyptic setting where the earth is on the brink of destruction, thanks to the experiment of a somewhat mad scientist. Now, it’s up to Wolverine to return to the past and prevent this event from happening by altering the future of the past. One of the best scenes here goes to Quicksilver.


If you watched the original Robocop of the 1980s, don’t expect much the same. But does that means its bad? No, it’s really great. It’s about a man who became part machine. Or perhaps, almost machine. The action scenes are great but the focus of the movie with emotional relationships and disability; it’s not really as great as the original but certainly is one of the best action movies of this era. Though a warning, there’s a creepy scene here that made my lungs constrict, just like “hnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg!”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America, the super soldier is back with a new pack of enemies. The action scenes are superb, the CGI are great, and the story is good. The movie is supposed to be a superhero movie but instead, it has the elements of thriller embedded all over it most of the time, especially on the early part. This makes an excellent action movie for all ages.

Top Horror Movies of 2014

If you are looking for good Blu-ray scares for 2015, then it’s time to see the best horror movies of 2014 have to offer. By this time, their Blu-ray counterpart will surely be out and it’s time for a horror movie marathon in the comfort of your own room or living room. Make sure that you watch with friends or if you’re going to watch alone, make sure that you can tolerate every single goose bumps, echoes and thumps that you might hear while watching. Okay, enough introduction. Let’s dive into the darkness!

Open Grave

A man wakes up in a huge pit of corpses. Well, this is scary enough if it were you eh? But what added more to the twist is the fact that he doesn’t remember the previous events that happened and even his whole identity. This movie does a good job of presenting the movie in its first 40 minutes by giving the audience the sense of confusion. One of the creepiest part is that when the characters are about to reveal the answer to clue, they only come down lifeless.


Remember the movie The Conjuring premiered 2013? If you haven’t watched it yet, now is the great time to get in on Blu-ray. You’ll definitely enjoy watching it. But on this part, we’re tackling about a related and somewhat indirect “prequel”, the Anabelle. The movie is about a possessed doll, which will creep the heck out of you. The movie does a good way of creating a creepy atmosphere, ultimately revealing the final horror that the couple must face from the haunted doll, which only became haunted after the incident that happen in their very house.

The Babadook

Who ever thought that a children’s creep story could come true? This is a story about a mother and her son coping after the loss of their father. Amelia is a widow who can barely control her hyperactive son. Her son has a very rich imagination but it only begins to get the better of her. They got a book about a strange creature called the Babadook. After they finished reading it, strange things began to happen. Is it real or imagination? Turns out that this horrific event will almost lead to the destruction of their small family but one thing will always prevail. Find out for yourself.


This is a story about two orphans trying to find the true cause of a horrific family incident. The authorities believe that it was her brother that did the horrific event, but his sister believes that it was the cause of a haunted antique mirror. After so many years, her brother was completely rehabilitated and they decided to unravel the truth. What they found is a horrific truth that will bring another disastrous event to them.